3 responses to “Unable to remove domain from Plesk Control Panel.

  1. Thank you ,

  2. I am getting this error on SQL 2000 server. Any resolution for this?

    Delete database user failed: Cannot change owner of object ‘pcrf.pcrf_Forum_UserThreadsDelete’ or one of its child objects because the new owner ‘dbo’ already has an object with the same name.
    ———————- Debug Info ——————————-
    0: plib\DatabaseManagerMSSQL.php:52
    DatabaseManagerMSSQL->dropUserImpl(string ‘pcrf’, string ‘pcrf’)
    1: plib\DatabaseManager.php:105
    DatabaseManager->deleteDatabase(object of type Database)
    2: plib\class.DataBasesList.php:244
    3: htdocs\domains\databases\removeDataBases.php3:41

  3. Sry for writing OFF TOPIC – what WP template do you use? It’s looking amazing.

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